Energy expertise and public affairs experience

UK Energy Strategies (UKES) is a joint venture partnership between Portcullis Public Affairs and Glacier Media Inc.

Portcullis Public Affairs has more than 27 years’ experience as a leading agency focused upon ethical lobbying, government relations, project management, communications and regional engagement. Its goal is to position an organisation as a recognised authority and ‘go-to’ partner at the heart of policy making.

Glacier Media Inc. is a diversified business media and intelligence company that specialises in global energy news and financial, operating and asset data. Teams in London and Calgary provide rich data, daily news and analysis to clients globally comprised of company executives, investors, analysts, government departments and monitoring agencies.

Sir Charles Cockburn, president

Sir Charles Cockburn, President

“Ethical best practice and a knowledge of energy markets are central to our public affairs business.”

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Paul Harris, executive chairman

Paul Harris, Executive Chairman

“We have created a world where energy consumption is at the heart of every aspect of our lives. We need solutions that meet the diverse needs of energy generators, regulators and consumers.”

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Ian Derbyshire, executive director

Ian Derbyshire, Chief Executive

“Our approach is progressive, transparent, responsible and, above all, practical in offering innovative solutions to the problem of powering UK homes and industries.”

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Bill Whitelaw, Director

“By utilizing global energy data and knowledge, we are able to make informed recommendations for our clients.”

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