Weekly monitoring report

Our weekly analysis of key issues that are impacting the UK’s energy sector. Our tracked sources include national, regional and B2B media, government records, public and private companies (where applicable), non-profit organizations and academia. This report is delivered weekly in a report format via email. To sign up, please click here.

Deal report: Renewable energy

Financial and asset analysis of the latest green energy deals including wind, solar, biomass, tidal and hydro. Updated monthly. Launching in September. Sign up for free today.

Deal report: Oil and gas

An essential monthly analysis of global merger and acquisition deals within the oil and gas industry. All reports include major deals impacting on-shore and offshore energy. Delivered monthly free via email. This report can also be downloaded for free each month via Evaluate Energy, a UK-based partner of UKES.

Market updates: Global energy trends

Analytical reports that examine a specific issue or opportunity within global energy markets. These reports can be downloaded for free via Evaluate Energy, a UK-based partner of UKES. Click here for a full list of available reports.