Government announces two big investments in the future of energy technology

Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Sam Gyimah has published an article in the Huff Post, Securing Britain’s Energy Future After Brexit. Mr Gyimah announced Government has opened the headquarters of the Faraday Institution at Harwell campus in Oxfordshire and it has launched the EnergyTec Cluster to develop the next generation of green technologies.

Mr Gyimah hopes the UK will become a leader in battery technology and said, “New developments in batteries are essential to making clean economic growth a reality: they allow us to store renewable energy created from renewable sources, and allow us to make better, cheaper low-emission vehicles.”

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UK Energy Report, 22nd – 29th March 2018

Find below a snippet of this week’s UK Energy Report, the full report can be viewed here.


  • Global demand for energy up over 2% last year
  • ON and RWE scrap plans to merge
  • Earth Hour
  • Opec and Russia discuss extending alliance

The UK Government’s short-termist energy “policy” has been criticised by E.On’s Chief Executive saying “Policy and business have to be in line; there has to be an implicit partnership, or an explicit partnership”. This is one of the founding principles behind UK Energy Strategies. We believe the Government should set out a 40-year energy strategy in collaboration with the energy industry and other key stakeholders. We are working with industry leaders and Government to achieve this step-change in the approach taken by both industry and Government, in the interests of the UK. Government and Industry have a duty to ensure that the UK can heat its homes, keep its lights lit and ensure the UK generates as much of its energy as possible, reducing its reliance on imports and therefore the risk that entails, whilst meeting its carbon targets. That clarity over long-term policy is fundamental to secure the investment decisions which the UK needs industry to take.

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Briefing on Key Stakeholder Government Departments for the Oil and Gas Sector

Follow the link before for a briefing on the relevant Government officials for the Oil and Gas Sector.

 UKES Key Government Stakeholders for Oil & Gas March 2018

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Summary of Statements by Richard Harrington MP as Energy Minister June – September 2017

Since taking up his post in June 2017, the Energy Minister, Richard Harrington has spoken on a range of issues across the energy industry. UKES has compiled the definitive collection of those statements up to September 2017 which is available to download below.

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UKES Summary of Statements, Energy Minister 0617 – 0917