Specialists in energy and public affairs

UK Energy Strategies is not your average public affairs firm. Our Anglo-Canadian roots offer us a unique insight into global energy markets and the complex forces that influence decisions on policy and projects at a regional and national level.

We understand deeply the factors driving change in the UK’s power, heating and transport sectors. By harnessing our energy data and analysis with expertise within public affairs, we deliver highly effective outcomes that reflect today’s fast-changing energy landscape.

Our solutions reflect our detailed knowledge of the following issues:

  • Energy delivery
  • Balancing political interests
  • Regional planning
  • New energy technologies
  • Heating
  • Transport
  • Power generation
  • Energy financial metrics
  • Carbon reduction
  • Global energy markets
  • Energy taxes

We use this expertise to support clients with solutions that are ethical, progressive and highly effective—for example, a campaign to secure policy changes to the UK carbon price floor that provided our client with a 12,000 per cent return on investment.

UK domestic energy consumption by fuel 1970-2015

Ethical and practical consulting

UK Energy Strategies (UKES) is a joint venture partnership between Portcullis Public Affairs and Glacier Media Inc. Our mission is to represent our clients to positively impact the development and delivery of UK energy policy, both nationally and regionally, in an ethical and practical manner. We are headquartered in central London.

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